Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Improper Use of Credit Cards?

What we are about to cover comes from sources deemed valid, however, proof is not available so it falls into the category of word on the street.  Therefore we report the following information more as a story of fiction based on information obtained.

Our first story is of one Gloucester official who used a county government issued credit card to finance a personal affair he was having with a person out of the area.  County officials found out about the fraud when the guys wife turned him in.  Charges on the card were for tickets and a county vehicle was being used for personal use in the affair.  What did county officials do?  Nothing from what we were informed other than protect him from the charges.  County officials who wanted him charged were backed off from the case.

  In another story, we have a county official who decided to go out and get plastered at one of the local establishments and at the end of the evening decided to pay for her private party with a county issued credit card.  She made the mistake of leaving the credit card at the local establishment who had to trace her down to give her the credit card back.  Lucky for all of us the establishment has such a professional and dedicated staff to perform such a duty as we all could have been stuck with all kinds of credit card fraud charges.

  What happened to this employee?  Well the employee still has her job.  She just has to live with the story and hope that we never get our hands on it.  How much corruption do we have to report here every week?  Our county officials are out of control at every level and having a party on your dime.  That dime used to be a nickle.  That dime is about to become a quarter.  It keeps getting worse the more we dig and it's now coming in from all over these days.

  What's even worse?  County officials are still balancing the books even with this kind of stuff going on.  Can someone please explain that to us?  And you wonder why your taxes are high and going ever higher?  We never read this part of the Virginia Constitution.
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