Thursday, March 13, 2014

Climate Science Debate : Global Warming Alarmist VS. Global War

A balanced respectful climate science debate at last.

July 7, 2011: Scott Denning, PhD, Professor of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University (supporting the dangerous anthropogenic global warming hypothesis) VS. Roy Spencer, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, University of Alabama in Huntsville (opposing the hypothesis).

Our Notes:

This is the perfect suckers game.  There is no way anyone can ever win this debate and everyone who has spent any amount of time on this knows that this is the case.  It's very simple and let us show you the tricks of why no one can ever win.

One:  The more people on the planet, the more pollution.  Simple.  How can anyone argue that?  

Two:  Industrialization is a very heavy contributor to pollution.  Simple.  Of course it is.  

Three:  The earth is more polluted than ever.  Undeniable.  

One man and no one else on the Earth will cause these issues.  Are we to get rid of all humans off the face of the Earth?  Then the animals will become responsible for all the pollution on the Earth.  Who is going to clean up after the animals?   What about their carbon emissions?  Oh wait, maybe there is the answer?  Let's get rid of all the other animals on the planet first and see how that works out for us all.  If that does not do anything, then maybe we should just nuke ourselves off the face of the Earth.  Wait, that will cause more pollution.

  Well we can't all just kill ourselves.  That would be more pollution.  Since when has the Earth become a globe that no longer is self cleaning?  The holy grail of antiquity and the major source of all life is water.  We have never had a replenishment come from another world.  Man has polluted water since the beginning of time.  We still drink that water as the Earth has filtered it for us into a non polluted form.  So it is in all other areas of life.  Air has been polluted since the beginning of time.  Anyone ever see smog from Ancient Rome float on by?  

Why it will not go away.  It now pulls in a great deal of money.  Since so many people are willing to pour untold amounts of money into such foolish concepts, it will not go away.  It's the golden cow effect.  Worship the golden cow.  Anyone can pick any area to argue this suckers game and more than likely be correct to some degree.  It's all so illuminating.

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