Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Invitation to Gloucester Republican Mass Meeting

Somehow We Mysteriously Got This Information and thought it was worth sharing:
We do not support any political party on this site for any reason, but when we get this kind of information, we will share it.

Hello Fellow Republicans,
The Gloucester County Republican Committee (GCRC) will conduct its biennial Mass Meeting as required by the Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia.  This meeting will occur Thursday March 13th at Achilles Elementary School.  Check-in begins at 5 P.M. while the meeting will begin at 6:30 P.M.  All registered voters in Gloucester County may vote.  Those desiring to vote must be a Gloucester County registered voter, show ID such as a current voter registration card or valid driver’s license, and their registration as a voter will be verified at the door.
During the meeting we will select the 51 members of the GCRC and a new chairman, all to serve for two years, and 22 delegates to the Republican Party of Virginia State Convention.  The GCRC needs active, committed, hard-working members to be successful.  The following list of 51 candidates for election as GCRC members have clearly demonstrated their willingness to work hard to get Republicans elected.  These candidates have worked at our Republican headquarters distributing voting literature, bumper stickers and yard signs; knocking on doors of homes distributing literature and encouraging residents to register to vote and getting out the vote; driving people to the voting places and working at the polls; making phone calls; producing and placing signs in yards and along roadways; attending many meetings and conventions throughout the state at their own expense and, of course, with their monetary and in-kind contributions.  Some of these candidates are currently members of the GCRC while others are seeking to be members for the first time; the common feature among all of them is hard work and their dedication to getting Republicans elected.  Please consider voting for this slate of 51 candidates for GCRC membership.   
Arnold, David J.                                 King, David J.
Bayford, Brian                                   King, Sarah W.
Bayford, Dorothy D.                        Larson, Kenneth L.
Borden, Margaret J.                        Larson, Leslee E.
Bunting, Rosanne E.                        Mason, Carole P.
Bunting, Samuel C.                          May, Alice C. M.
Casanave, Jeanmarie                     Meyer, Jr., John C.
Cerny, Gay B.                                     Meyer, Laurel J.
Chaplain, Catherine B.                   Mitchell, Donald R.
Chaplain, Russell W.                        Mitchell, Judy R.
Chriscoe, Ashley C.                          Moncure, II, Henry W.         
Cookson, Ryan H.                             Morton, Christy T.
Davis, Charles W. (CW)                  Mowry, Howard L.
Drechsel, Jr., Edward R.                 Murphy, Jr., George Ross
Dunnington, Patricia L.                   Shuster, Pamela A.
Geary, Christopher                         Solada, Rebecca J.
Geary, Terry L.                                  Truscott, Alice K.                
Hedrick, Michael W.                        Truscott, Mark A.
Hurst, Sr., Lowell D.                         Walsh, John P.
Hutson, Christopher A.                  Walsh, Lorraine M.
Javorich, Shawn G.                          Warren, Jr., Darrell W.
Johnson, David N.                            Webb, George L.
Johnson, Linda D. H.                       Webb, Joyce P.
Jones, Catesby B.                             Wiesner, Gary W.
                                                                Williams, Karen B. K.
                                                                Williams, Ralph E. (Ted)
                                                                Wilson, Kevin A.
We also must elect a new GCRC Chairman.  I recommend John P. Walsh for that position.  John has served as Chairman in the past and done a superlative job.  He is very familiar with the Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia and our own  by-laws as well as Robert’s Rules of Order.  He is fair to all and effectively manages debate in any discussion.
Thank you for your consideration of these candidates;  I look forward to seeing you at the meeting on Thursday.  And please bring a copy this note to the meeting for reference.
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