Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Senator John McCain, A Strong America

English: John McCain official photo portrait.
English: John McCain official photo portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A secure world relies on a strong America. And a strong America relies on a robust military.
Yet, sadly under President Obama, America's military strength has been weakened and our country's leadership in the world has been questioned.
As a result, the world's most dangerous players are flexing their muscles. Extremists are gaining ground. And these conflicts are becoming more dangerous by the day for our allies—and for us.
My friend, what we're seeing across the world, particularly with the situation with Russia, is the ultimate result of Obama's reckless and feckless foreign policy.
From the beginning, when he refused to criticize the Iranian government, all the way through his incredible misreading of Vladimir Putin, the tyrant hell-bent on restoring the Soviet empire, Obama has led from behind.
If you want to see where Obama and the Democrats' priorities lie, look at how much they've slashed the defense budget yet found ways to pay for every item on their liberal wish list—the pinnacle being ObamaCare.
What kind of message are we sending when we slash defense funds and shrink the size of our military?
On national defense and international security, Democrats just don't "get it."
We must return to our best traditions of American leadership—for the sake of the cause of freedom, for the sake of the brave Americans who are willing to give their life for this cause, for the sake of our nation's peace and prosperity.
We must be committed to peace through strength to protect our national security in this dangerous world.
And we must support those facing brutal tyranny by their oppressors and our enemies.
That's why we must elect more Republicans to the Senate who will fight for freedom and will promote peace throughout the world.

Thank you,
Senator John McCain

Our Notes:  The Republicans are coming on strong right now.  A strong military is needed for DEFENSE.  Not to police the world.  We do not need to be the world police.  That is the job of the UN and even then , we do not need to be the world police for the UN.  How many trillions of dollars have now been wasted on being the world police from the US taxpayers?  And we should spend more why?  At least there is a good point on why we are wasting so many tax dollars on a health care system that was designed to fail from the start in our view.  Anyone in the political mafia ever here of the US Constitution?  We didn't think so.

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