Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dems launch “a series of blistering attacks against the Kochs and their ads.

Friend -- The Kochs’ deceptive attacks are working: A new PPP poll shows that $8.3 MILLION in Koch lies have erased Kay Hagan’s (D-NC) 15 point lead. She’s now tied with all eight GOP challengers in Nate Silver’s “tipping point state” -- what he calls the GOP’s “best option [for] ... a 51-49 Senate majority.”

We’re urgently fighting back with our Koch Accountability Project -- and launching new ads to counter their deceitful attacks, turn this around, and win. If we can get this off the ground, the New York Times reports that we will expose the TRUTH: “the fundamental purpose of the Kochs’ spending is to rig the economic system for their benefit.”

But if we fall short, the Kochs will buy the Senate for the GOP in an agonizing defeat for Democrats. We still need you and 7,000 more Democrats on board -- will you step up today?

Supporter Record: VN96CBPMRQ5
Deadline: 48 hours
Suggested Support: $3 (Contribute)

Will you pitch in $3 to the Koch Accountability Project to reveal the truth about the Kochs’ disgusting lies and STOP a Republican Senate takeover?

Thanks for your support,
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P.S. We can’t let the Kochs’ despicable lies cost Democrats the Senate. Will you step up before Friday to stop them?

Our Notes:  The game continues to be played at all levels and both sides.  These same tricks are played by the democrats and now that it's being played against them, they are crying foul?  Please.  It's all fixed at every level.  Most decent people will not run because the game is so fixed and dirty.  Instead, people are forced to run for one reason or another in so many campaigns from what we have uncovered.  We pulled out the links from the above.  

  Expose the truth?  Who's truth?  Are the democrats going to illuminate us all?  We have shown you what illumination is and where it comes from.

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