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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Liberty's Kids 23, The Hessians Are Coming, Battle of the Hook Pre Show

As a Pre Show to the upcoming Battle of the Hook event coming here to Gloucester, Virginia in less than 3 weeks, we have here, Liberty's Kids episode number 23, The Hessians Are Coming.  Please see below for more information in regards to the Battle of the Hook.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Liberty's Kids 15, The Turtle - Battle of the Hook Pre Show

Liberty's Kids episode 15, The Turtle.  The first submarine.  In the past we showed that this was an actual invention of the period and that this story is in fact pretty accurate.  Liberty's Kids are once again being hosted on this site as a pre show to the upcoming Battle of the Hook American Revolution re enancment coming to Gloucester, Virginia.  Details for this are below.

Battle of the Hook from Chuck Thompson

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Liberty's Kids 13, The First Fourth of July, Battle of the Hook Pre Show

The First Fourth of July, episode 13 in the Liberty's kids video series.  These are the events that led up to the Battle of the Hook that took place just before the siege of Yorktown, Virginia and was a part of that plan.  We initially started running the Liberty's Kids series on the 4th of July of this year, 2013.  We noticed a very serious lack of education many people in our own nation have about our history.  Since then we have been on a mission to try and fill that gap missing in so many people today.

  People outside our country had a better knowledge of our history than many of our own citizens.

The Pre Show.  Coming in October is an event that should not be missed by anyone who can break away for a weekend and travel.  The Battle of the Hook is an American Revolutionary war re enactment to be held here in Gloucester, Virginia.  Details are below.

Paul Revere Press Battle of the Hook from Chuck Thompson

Make plans now to attend this event.  It is free to the public.  
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Liberty's Kids 11, Washington Takes Command - Battle of the Hook Pre Show

Washington Takes Command is episode number 11 for Liberty's Kids.  These are the events that led up to the Battle of the Hook that happened only days before the victory in Yorktown, Virginia.  The Battle of the Hook was part of the strategy of Washington and allies to cut off all escape routes for Lord Cornwallis.  Gloucester, Virginia is just across the river from Yorktown and was part of Lord Cornwallis plans for an emergency escape.

  After the British surrendered in Yorktown, they then surrendered in Gloucester, Virginia.  The history books seem to overlook this fact.  In celebration of the Battle of the Hook, there is a major reenactment coming to Gloucester here very soon which is why we are calling the Liberty's Kids videos here a pre show.


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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Liberty's Kids 2, The Intolerable Act - Battle of the Hook Pre Launch

We are once again hosting the entire Liberty's kids video series as part of our celebration pre launch to the upcoming Gloucester, Virginia Battle of the Hook re enactment.  This is something history buffs who can afford the time off and able to travel will not want to miss as there has never been a battle reenactment like the one coming up.  With 20 ships expected for sea battles, 1,500 soldiers, 20 to 35 horses for cavalry battles, an incredible amount of ammunition already committed to the event, nowhere else has a reenactment of such grand scale ever been produced.  Gloucester is only about a 30 minute drive from Williamsburg, a jump across the bridge from Yorktown, about 1 hour from Richmond and about 4 hours from Washington, DC.

 Warren Deal who is one of the members of the planning committee has been doing an outstanding job on this living history project as has everyone else who has been working hard at getting the entire project to full fruition.  Mr Deal has been one of Gloucester's most outspoken and best historians of the area and greatly appreciated.

Battle of the Hook from Chuck Thompson

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