Monday, July 15, 2013

Both Sides Lose On The Hill Battle

Today on Liberty's Kids, Battle of Bunker Hill.  Also, our e-book of the day is a play in five parts on the Battle of Bunker Hill.  All part of our Liberty Education Series.  Our freedom was paid for in blood.  It was a very long hard struggle for independence.  These days, most Americans have no idea what took place in our own history and our education system refuses to cover American history the way it should cover it.

  Therefore, we continue to see our freedoms taken away on a daily basis by a bunch of Benedict Arnold politicians and businesses.  The only way to show people what it is that they have and are giving up is to educate them the best way possible and hope that the education sticks.

The Battle of Bunker Hill from Chuck Thompson  Link for free download of the PDF version.  Just click the free user option.  Very fast downloads as this is a very small file.  Link for free ePub edition.  Same instructions as above.

These files will also be available on our e-book section of this site.

English: Battle of Bunker Hill, circa 1897, pu...
English: Battle of Bunker Hill, circa 1897, published in Scribner's Magazine in February 1898. The original was owned by the Delaware Art Museum, but was missing in 2001 and presumed stolen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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