Sunday, July 14, 2013

Free Holy Bible - e-Bible Downloads

King James Version of the Bible" target="_blank">King James Version of the Bible from Chuck Thompson  Free download link to PDF format of the King James Version of the Bible.

Today we are giving away free copies of the Bible.  It's the King James version.  You can download a copy from our SlideShare site or download a copy from our link above.  We are working on various other formats for downloading such as ePub editions and Kindle editions.  We have been experiencing technical difficulties however and will try to get them up as soon as we can.

  We can custom create special editions for churches and organizations so that they can be given away on your own site.  Please contact us for more information.  Over the next few weeks will be creating some custom editions for some local Gloucester churches.  Welcome to the new digital age where information of all kinds travels faster and cheaper than ever.  Once the new versions are finished, we will get the links both on this post as well as on our e-books page.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to download a free copy or all the copies you want.  You are free to share them any way you wish as well.  Send them to friends and relatives.  Spread the word.

We got them done at the last minute.  Here are other file formats for the e-Bible.  ePub edition of the Holy Bible.  Andriod platform phones and tablets.  Mobi edition of the e-Bible.  This edition should work on your Kindle device.

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