Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Document That Changed The World

Liberty's Kids episode number 12.  Common Sense.  The introduction of Thomas Paine.  The art work is very good.  Thomas Paine actually looks like Thomas Paine.

This is a painting of Thomas Paine.  So you can see that the work done for Liberty's Kids is really top notch.

7th Virginia Regiment is pictured to the left here.  This photo was taken in Gloucester, Virginia around the Memorial Day weekend holiday a few short years ago.  It gives you an idea of what American Troops looked like.  So again, you can see the work done in Liberty's Kids is top notch.

Common Sense Thomas Paine" target="_blank">Common Sense Thomas Paine from Chuck Thompson

Here is a copy of Common Sense.  The cartoon above only touches on small areas of the document as they are under time restrictions.  Link to a free copy of the above document.  You never hear this document being discussed by our politicians.  This is the document, as seen in the cartoon above, that ignited the American Revolution and brought about the Declaration of Independence.  One has to wonder why politicians will not discuss it.  ???  We have to ask.

You can listen to Common Sense here.  We just learned that there is are limitations on the listening podcasting above.  There is a limit of only 5 minutes per file.  We were not aware of this before and are working on finding a new podcast host.  Download free audio files from this link.  121 megs in size.  Just pick the free user option.

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