Monday, July 15, 2013

Dragnet - The Big Thief, Classic TV Mondays

Dragnet, The Big Thief.  Classic TV for Mondays here on GVLN.  Want a free copy of this episode?
The link will take you to our download area.  Pick free user.  The file is about 79 megs in size.  The format is FLV which is flash video, so you will need a flash video player.  There are plenty of them out there for free.  Our favorite media player that plays flash video is VLC Media Player and is available for free downloads.  It's the world's best in our view.  It handles pretty much any video format you throw at it.  It also plays audio as well and can do conversions of video formats.  It even plays ogg format which is Linux based code.

  From the looks of it, we recomend getting a copy of VLC Player soon.  There is a lawsuit to take the player down from HBO.  It's amazing, the people who raid and pirate content the most also complain the loudest when they make new works from their own pirated grabs.

(Note:  Dragnet classic TV shows are in the public domain)

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