Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lucy Show - Lucy Flies To London

The Lucy Show with Lucy goes to London.  The entire series of The Lucy Show entered into the public domain some time ago.  Since that is the case, we can offer free downloads on the episodes.  So if you like this show, you are free to download a copy of it.  Free download link.  Click the free user option.  About 85 megs in size.  It's a nice quality video.  flv format so you will need a player that plays flv videos.  VLC is a free Media player that is the worlds best.  Free downloads from their site.  Just look them up.  There are other free flv players out there, but they have a lot of limited capabilities.  Also, Opera browser plays flv files on your computer.   So that is another option.  Windows Media player can not handle flv files.  Real Player has added flv file compatibility if you want to use that option.  Enjoy,  Plus One us on Google, tweet us, like this post on Facebook, email this post to friends.  Share this with others.

Season 1 Opening Credits.
Season 1 Opening Credits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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