Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ginseng And Other Medicinal Plants

Ginseng And Other Medicinal Plants from Chuck Thompson

161 page ebook of Ginseng and other medicinal plants.  This book is loaded with pictures that help in the identification of herbs and also the medicinal use of herbs.  It also covers the topic of cultivation and sales.  We have used herbal medicines for several decades with great success.

  It's interesting to note that some doctors consider herbal medicine to be quackery, a traditional medical practice with thousands of years of proven testimony, all the while it is the doctor who is still practicing with voodoo man made formulas with reports of great harm.  The entire pharmaceutical industry started out with selling herbal remedies and many of todays best drugs are still based on herbs.  New cures are still explored by trying to find herbal remedies and then synthesize the active compounds.

  God gave man food and herbs for his health.  Man gave his fellow man synthetic alternatives to destroy his health.  And so the circle goes on.

We are not doctors and none of this should be considered medical advice.  Only a doctor can give you medical advice.  That's the law, we do not make it, we just have to follow it.
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