Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunrise Donuts and Sweets of Gloucester, VA - Questions of Business Professionalism

Above is a screen capture from the Sunrise Donuts and Sweets shop Facebook page that shows a very serious question of business ethics.  Highlighted on the screen capture, in yellow, is very foul language one would never expect to see on any business site unless of course you were in the porn business where it is then expected.  The area is towards the top left hand side above the Chocolate comes from cocoa tree picture graphics.  The statement says; "I Don't give a F--k if you're offended's photo".

  In fairness, from what we are able to determine, Sunrise Donuts did not write the post, they simply shared the post.  Still, the decision to do so on a business site such as Sunrise Donuts and Sweets is not showing sound business ethics or practices.  But then again what can one expect from a site that also makes the statement, "Home of the crazy chick."   We have no objections to people sharing items like this on their personal pages.  It's freedom of speech.  But to share it on a business page?  Come on folks, get with it.  That is simply poor judgement.

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