Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lesbians and Ice Cream - The Other White Noise, Free Mp3 Song Downloads

This album comes with an adult advisory warning.  The lyrics are rather harsh on some of the tracks.  Lesbians and Ice Cream is the name of the album and the band is The Other White Noise.  Bonus today, the entire album is up for grabs.  Check out all the tracks.  Download what you like, skip what you don't like.  It's free.  The little blue ball to the left of the song, next to the minutes, length, of the song, is the download button.

From the website;

Fourteen tracks of gooey symphonic rock all over your face. It's like the song of the male wilder beast as it longs for a mate. Arthur and John's in your face Rock and Roll life style comes to life in the form of this epic album. Handed down by GOD himself to the best band in the world, THE OTHER WHITE NOISE!

The Other White Noise video from YouTube.  These guys are from Long Beach.
Yeah, I have other white t-shirts, but a wife-...
Yeah, I have other white t-shirts, but a wife-beater is apropos (Photo credit: Dave77459)
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