Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mystery Theater - The Beach of Falesa - Old Time Radio

Old time radio is back.  Mystery Theater with the chilling episode called, The Beach of Falesa.    Back before the days of TV, everyone gathered around the radio to listen to the latest episode of their favorite programs.  The broad range of programs were as varied as the movies of the day or even TV today.

What is great about old time radio is that you actually have to listen to what is being said.  While listening, you form your own images in your mind of the events.  So sit back, relax and let your imagination take over as these story tellers weave an incredible journey for you.  Just hit the play button and enjoy.

Gloucester Point Beach - By Chuck Thompson of ...
Gloucester Point Beach - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)
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