Sunday, August 25, 2013

Voodoo - The Shelf of Skulls, Comic Book Of The Week

Voodoo - The Shelf of Skulls from Chuck Thompson

To view the comic in full screen mode, left click the icon on the bottom right hand side of the container.  Hit escape to return back to this size.  From the Golden Age of comic books, Voodoo.  The featured story is The Shelf of Skulls.  Old fashioned entertainment.  What people used to do before spending so much time in front of the TV or the Internet.

  Now you can spend time on the Internet seeing what people used to do and how.  Neat huh?  Enjoy.

Voodoo 01 - 03 The Shelf of Skulls - Matt Baker
Voodoo 01 - 03 The Shelf of Skulls - Matt Baker (Photo credit: bbmason1981)
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