Friday, August 30, 2013

Gloucester, VA Surplus Auction Site Information

In the event you were not aware that Gloucester County, Virginia has it's own surplus auction site, we found it and are bringing it to you.  A few days ago there was a good amount of items on here, however, those auctions ended and some people got some nice bargains.  Printers, office furniture and supplies.  At the moment, the only items on the site are two county trucks.  You can see above the starting asking price.,va/list/current?orgid=19242  This is the link to the auction site page.  Once there, you can bookmark the page to make it easier to find in the future.  It's not easy to find on your own.  Here is the link to Virginia State surplus auctions.

We could not find an auction for Mathews county surplus.

York County has an auction site.  Link to York County surplus auciton site.

For Gloucester County surplus auctions, it is against Gloucester county government policy for government employees and their families from bidding on and or buying the surplus auction items.

We did a little navigating on the auction site at the top and it's a state wide site so you can search counties and towns throughout the state.  We found laptops and printers, cars and trucks and all sorts of other items on the site.

The above car is a 2001 Chrysler with a present price of $305.00  and is at the Gloucester County school board auction.  Dig around, you will be surprised at what you find.  And to think, you did not have to pay for this information.  You get it all here for free.  Gloucester, Virginia Links and News.  More useful by the day.

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