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Governor McDonnell Joins Northern Virginia Technology Council for Launch of New Veterans Employment Initiative

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FAIRFAX – Governor Bob McDonnell today joined the Northern Virginia Technology Council in launching the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative, a new program designed to connect veterans to employment opportunities within Virginia's technology community.  The announcement was made during an event at ICF International in Fairfax.  The governor was joined at the announcement by Senator Mark Warner, Virginia Secretary of Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs Terrie Suit and a number of leaders from Virginia’s technology industry.

            Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McDonnell remarked, “Connecting our veterans to good-paying jobs following their service to our country has been a critical part of this administration’s veteran’s initiatives over the last three and a half years.  Previously we launched Troops to Trucks, a program developed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles which puts veterans and serving National Guard and Reserve members to work in transportation jobs.  We also launched the Virginia Values Veterans Program, which helps employers in Virginia learn how to recruit, hire, train and retain veterans.  The NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative is a private sector program that recognizes the importance of hiring veterans, and highlights the unique training and skills they received during their military service that have prepared them for the good-paying jobs in our technology sector.  Almost 840,000 veterans have chosen to make Virginia their permanent home following their service.  We want to continue to see that number grow.  By helping the brave men and women who have protected this country find a good job following their service, more veterans will continue to choose Virginia after service.  I commend NVTC for joining the Commonwealth in our ongoing effort to help our veterans find employment in Virginia.”

            In the coming months, NVTC will host a variety of events and programs to assist member companies in establishing or expanding internal veteran programs, including an event in partnership the Virginia Values Veterans(V3) Initiative. In addition, the Council will facilitate events to help veterans learn best practices for their job search, connect to employers in the business community, and network with fellow veterans. 

For more information about the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative, visit Or visit the veteran online community and resource at

Veteran Employment Initiatives Under Governor McDonnell

Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Preference
This initiative provides certification to businesses that are owned and operated by service disabled veterans for the purpose of promoting usage of these vendor firms by the Commonwealth, as well as by private industry, which may rely on the certified status. Further, state procurement officials and their agencies receive credit towards their goal attainment based on procurement amounts with these firms.

Handling Fee Exemption for Veterans
Veterans are exempt from paying the Department of Business Assistance's handling fee when establishing a small business through the one-stop small business permitting program.

Virginia Veterans Employment Initiatives
  • The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program is designed to help employers who are dedicated to hiring veterans.  The program provides for a certification process which includes developing a pipeline to recruit veterans, completing a pilot program and setting goals for hiring veterans as well as retaining them.  This program was established to train employers on how to find and hire veterans.
  • The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) provides job referral and placement resources to assist veterans in finding jobs.  Local Veterans Employment Representatives and Disabled Veteran Outreach Program staff are available in most VEC offices to assist veterans with employment services. They also provide recommendations for additional training and education to qualify for particular jobs or professions.
  • A VEC website has the capacity to have veterans enter their military training, experience, military occupation specialty, and any certifications they may have received on active duty and provide related job opportunities.
  • The Department of Health Professions Military Credentialing Assistance website provides an online tool for military members who want to make the transition to Virginia’s civilian healthcare work force.  The website provides a full list of professions regulated by the Department of Health Professions, along with a reference of the statutory and regulatory requirements for initial licensure and relevant statutes for deployed active duty military personnel and the their spouses.

Hiring Preference in State Government
Veterans are granted a hiring preference for state government jobs.  The Commonwealth of Virginia extends its veterans hiring preference to active members of the Virginia National Guard.  The surviving spouses and dependents of service members killed in action also are entitled to the hiring preference.

Professional Licenses for Spouses of Service Members as well as activated Guard and Reserve Members
This program extends the expiration date of certain licenses, certifications, registrations or other documents held by the spouse of a service member when stationed overseas in order to allow more time to meet continuing education requirements.

Troops to Trucks Program
This program puts veterans and serving National Guard and Reserve members to work in transportation jobs. It is the first program of its kind in the nation.  Troops to Trucks will make it easier for military personnel to obtain a Virginia commercial driver’s license (CDL) and ease the transition into civilian employment by waiving CDL skills testing for service men and women with appropriate experience operating large vehicles as a part of their duties.  It will also provide for on-base commercial motor vehicle training for those without this experience as well as provide on-base opportunities for completing the written and skills test portions of the CDL application process.

In-State tuition for Military, Dependents, Veterans, and Guard Members
Virginia grants immediate in-state status, for tuition purposes, to military active duty, dependents, veterans and certain members of the Virginia National Guard.  In addition, the Commonwealth ensures that a Virginia-domiciled military spouse or dependent will not forfeit domicile status for in-state tuition due to accompanying the active duty service member while stationed outside of Virginia.

Honorary Diplomas
Veteran Honorary High School Diplomas recognize the life experiences of veterans who were unable to complete their high school education because of service in the armed forces during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
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