Sunday, August 18, 2013

U2 Live In Concert HD Version - Concert Of The Week

We have selected U2 as the band to cover this weeks concert.  Live in Glastunbury.  2011 concert footage.  This band you either love them or hate them.  They have had their share of issues over the years putting out some very questionable albums that flopped all over the world and had everyone scratching their heads to some incredible hits that put them right back on top again.

  They have been together for a few decades now and continue to produce a great show.  Either way, enjoy the show.  Concert of the week here on GVLN.
U2 in 1980. Shown from left to right: Clayton,...
U2 in 1980. Shown from left to right: Clayton, Mullen, Bono, The Edge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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