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A story passed down through time around the campfire

A Piece of Fiction:

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia
Today I would like to tell you a story to help you to understand how part of the county code came into being and that it has no basis in law but in nanny state big government.
This story has been told around campfires when the hunters returned from the hunt and the gathers returned from the fields.  A long time ago (less than 10 years using clocks of today’s time) in a province far away whose name rhymes with Gloucester there was a farmer that lives in the northern lands of the province who liked to travel in his horseless wagon whose name rhymes with pickup truck, with his companion animal, whose name rhymes with dog, when he was not attending to his herd and farm.  There was a law keeper, whose name rhymes with Hawkins that did not like this farmer and would wait to ambush him every time he left his farm with his companion animal.  No one around the campfire understands why the law keeper had this dislike for farmer since farmer was well known and got along well with his neighbors and the law keeper would not come to the gatherings at the end of the day to say why.
One day the law keeper decided to take the farmer to the village chief who's position was to judge what the law keeper told him and determine if anything wrong had been done.  The law keeper told the village chief that farmer liked to let his companion animal ride in the back of the horseless wagon and was not tied to the horseless wagon while traveling on the province paths, whose name rhymes with road.  The village chief nodded his head and listened to both men.  He then went to the book of laws for the province and for the region the province was located, whose name rhymes with Virginia and made the ruling that there are no laws in the land that prevents the companion animal from riding in the back of the horseless wagon when it is not tied to the wagon. Quit wasting my time on your nanny rules and leave my people alone.
The law keeper was madder than ever and decided he would fix farmer.  So he went to one of the village elders, whose name rhymes with Theberge and the province herder, whose name rhymes with Shipley and told them what happened and that he did not want it to happen again.  The elder's job was to make laws for the province, believed she was smarter than everyone else in the province, and that she should run their lives for them and believed in lots of nanny state rules said we can come up with a plan to help you. The province herder was trying to become more impotent in the province was willing to go along with the plan.  So the three of them worked together until they worked out a plan to change all the laws in the province for companion animals so they could grow the province herders empire, increase income by fining the people they did not like and to specifically get back at farmer for making the law keeper look bad in front of the village chief.  They convinced the other elders to change the laws for the good of the province and the other elders not knowing the plan went along since they did not want to be on the bad side of this elder since she would make their lives miserable.
The laws were changed.  Farmer and the others in the province knew why and shook their heads in disgust not knowing what else to do.  Time passed and a new man, whose name rhymes with Thompson came to the province and saw the laws and that they were evil and in violation of region laws and of bigger chiefs saying provinces could not make stricter laws not allowed by the region, whose name rhymes with Dillon Rule, and let the elders know they were in violation.  The elders not knowing any different asked their law writer, whose name rhymes with Wilmot, to look into the issue.  The story has different versions at this point but the most common version is the elder that made up the law told the law writer we made this law up fair and square and you have to defend it no matter that it is not allowed by the region.  At this point the story kind of ends but there are lessons told at this point.  This elder loses her position among the group of elders because she does not listen to the people of the province.  The province herder retires to go beat rugs and sit on his porch in shame.  There are rumors that the law writer loses his position for cause without severance pay because he is not capable of doing his job and has to become a gather since the hunters will not allow him to hunt with them.  The law keeper has the opportunity to learn from this and become a good citizen of the province if he is willing because other stories told round the fire was he was a good man and can become one again.
This story has nothing to do with any person alive or dead if it seems like it does it is coincidence and not done on purpose.  This is a work of fiction.
County residents tell the Supervisors to get rid of County Code 3-17 before it gets the county sued.
I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.  Our founding fathers used common sense when establishing our founding documents. 
“For the Common Good. “
Alexander James Jay
P.S.  Point to ponder:  God only ask for a Tithing of 10 percent and he returns it to us seven fold.  The government asks for 50 percent or more depending on your tax rate. What do we get in return?  A new school in the swamp.
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