Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunrise Donuts of Gloucester, VA - Multiple Health Code Violations? Hairy Donuts Anyone?

Gloucester, VA Facebook Page" target="_blank">Sunrise Donuts of Gloucester, VA Facebook Page from Chuck Thompson

We created a PDF version of the Sunrise Donuts Facebook page.  The page is wide open to the public and anyone in the world can view it.  However, once they are aware of their own posts, they are sure to remove some very questionable pictures from their pages.  This PDF shows how the site looks with what we see as some potentially serious health code violations.  Link to the Sunrise Donuts Facebook Page.

Hairy donuts anyone?

How many potential violations can you see here?  No hair net?  No food handlers gloves?  Paint Bucket for mixing dough?  Power drill used for a mixer?  Unsafe conditions as she is kneeling on a step ladder?  August 17th, 2013.  Note the commercial mixer in the background not being used.  Background sign also states only paid staff allowed in the kitchen.

 Again, no hair net or hat?

No hair net, not food handler's gloves.

We have a hat this time, but still no food handler's gloves.  She is handling the donut.

In front of a deep fryer?  No hair net no food handlers gloves.

Is this a sign of a minor who has been drinking on the job?  Is this something that is allowed and possibly even a common practice at this shop?  From what we know, this girl is a minor.  Open beer bottles and liquor bottle in the Kitchen of Sunrise donuts?  What's in those donuts anyway.  Also, what is in the bag under her arm?  Big bag of marijuana?  Spice donuts anyone?  We have no idea what is in the bag, but the picture sure looks highly questionable.

Is this guy on the clock?  Did he pay for that donut?  Did he get more in that donut than he bargained for?  Is that a special spice donut?  Beer infused maybe?  This is their pictures.

On another note, look at the logo at the top left hand side of the site, Sunrise Donuts and Sweets Shop at the top, Home of the "Crazy Chic" at the bottom.
From what we are seeing here on Sunrise' own site, she has to be crazy to post pictures like these that show what looks like serious health code violations.  Now we are not saying that these are violation, we are going to let the health department determine that.  They have already been contacted from what we have been told.  We were just told to check out the site and this is what we found.  No telling what the Health department is going to find.  We will pull and publish their findings when the time comes.  In the mean time, the pictures speak for themselves.  Straight off their Facebook page.

Makes ya wanna go git some huh?  We will pass, thanks.
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