Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Legal Fraud? Are Lawyers Liars?

Attorney License Fraud from Chuck Thompson

I am not backing any of this.   I found this during other research and was floored by it.  The author authorized the sharing by any means so we turned the post into a PDF file and uploaded unto our Slideshare site.  Some of the research on this article is very well done and to the best of my knowledge, true.  I have not researched the entire article for accuracy however and can not fully back it.  However, the opening statements on the first page are very difficult to deny.

  In defense of lawyers, the legal system is very regimental.  Filings, petitions, motions, orders, charges and on and on gets very complex very fast.  Compiling facts and knowing case histories is tedious work.  Knowing where to look for the proper information to present a regimental case is time consuming and at times beyond difficult.  The practice of law is nothing like what everyone sees on TV.  It's not even close.

  I would not recommend that most people try and act as their own lawyers without a great deal of information and some heavy experience first.  You will only have your head handed to you on a silver platter that you will have to pay for and give back after paying for it anyway, even if you are right.

  You are free to download a copy of this from our slideshare site.  Use it more as interesting information and a great party story.  Otherwise, hire a good lawyer.  It will end up being well worth your time.  On the other side, it's also a great way to prevent being bullied by the legal system as well.
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