Thursday, October 3, 2013

Money Disappears Out of Gloucester Government Coffers?

Watch this public comment section from the recent Gloucester County Board of Supervisor's meeting.  The first speaker talking in the public comment time, says that about 13 thousand dollars has just disappeared from one of the county's accounts.  Where did 13 thousand dollars go?  If you listen to the speaker, the county could not touch any of the money in that account unless used for a very specific purpose and no purpose could be found for that money to be missing.

  Anyone have a problem with this?  Did someone need to by a used car or put a down payment on a summer house and just five finger borrow some money figuring no one would miss it?   But hey, that could never happen.  These people are the most up and up bunch ever seen.  (Stop laughing).  Actually go ahead and laugh.  It was meant as a joke.

  Also note, the same speaker mentions that he has been told that the county is not bound by it's own municipal codes.  That is true if the municipal code is in violation of state code.  If that is the case, then no one is bound by that code.  If the municiple code, aka, county ordinance, matches state code, then they are in fact bound by it.  Now there are a few minor exceptions where they are exempt from lawsuits regarding certain areas, such as liability of sidewalks in disrepair.  If you trip and get hurt, the county is not liable.  However, if the sidewalk is in front of a business, the business can be held liable even though they do not own the sidewalk.  The business is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in good repair.

  Here is another example.  Recently we showed how Animal Control Officers are in violation of a local county code and very much so.  The issue is, the county code does not match any state code.  Therefore, no one is bound by that code and the code is a violation of state code.  However, these folks refuse to care.  So what is 13 thousand dollars missing mean anyway?  It's just a lousy 13 thousand dollars, right?  Your tax dollars hard at work to serve you.  When you see these people out on the street, be sure to thank them for all their hard work.
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