Friday, October 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA School Board Employee Caught Breaking The Law.....Again

7:55 AM.  Friday morning, October 4th, 2013.  This is the same employee we caught on Monday at this same place at about the same time.  It's very clear that no one even bothered to talk to him after being caught breaking the law on Monday.  Though I did not take his actual picture, I did identify the drive as the same person as on Monday.

  Again we have shown on this site numerous times that government employees are prohibited from using vehicles for personal use.  This is clearly personal use.  It's not only local policy, it's also state code laws.  But then again, how do you blame an employee when you hear that even worse abuses may very well be going on above these employees?  What incentive is there for employees to even care about what the policies or state laws are when those above them keep violating them?  Why hasn't Brenda Garton put an end to all of this?

  Your tax dollars continuing to be wasted in front of you.  And not to worry, they will raise your taxes even more as someone has to pay for all of this abuse.  Partial thanks goes to our Mr Happy Meal with his meals on wheels.
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