Thursday, October 3, 2013

American And World Political History

The Church of Lucifer?

American and World Political History from Chuck Thompson

We changed the name of the book contained herein and also removed it's cover.  The book comes out of the Public Domain even though it had a 1990 copyright date on it.  The author has made the book a public work.  We consider the book a must read for everyone.  It reveals the real religion of the Freemasons which is Luciferian.  Is Luciferian the same as Satanism?  No.  There is a clear difference and this book covers that.

  How does one know when they are following the right God or the right religion?  If the God you follow can not claim to be the creator of souls, you are clearly not following the one true God.  Luciferian's can not claim their God is the creator of souls.  The taker of souls, yes, but not the creator.  The Masonic order has a lot in common with Wiccans but are not quite the same.

  Free downloads of this book is available from our Slideshare site.  What you will also learn is that Masons believe that it is alright to lie, cheat, steal, kill and more as long as it is for the right cause that they determine.  Is that saying that everyone in the Masonic order are lairs, cheaters, thieves and or killers?   No, not at all.  Many have no clue.  But if they find out that their brothers are, they have a code of silence about it that they are required to adhere to.  So it's not fair to put them all under one umbrella of evil.  But what we do know, the local government is deeply embedded with Masons and we have a lot of local corruption going on.  Does anyone consider this a coincidence?
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