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Gloucester, VA Officials Selling Hand Guns For One Dollar Each

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PRESENTER: Darrell Warren
               TITLE: Sheriff

Georgette N. Hurley Assistant County Administrator for
Human Services

AGENDA ITEM : Request to Consider Amendment of County Code 22-20 “Purchase of Firearm by Retiring Officers


County Code 22-20 states that the county may allow for a retiring officer with at least 25 years of service to purchase their issued handgun for $1.00. I am requesting this code be amended to mirror State Code 59.1-148.3 which is much more specific and allows for officers injured in the line of duty and Auxiliary Officers to purchase their handguns at fair market value.

Additionally, attached is a memorandum from recently retired Chief Animal Control Officer Carl Shipley. As a sworn law enforcement officer with twenty-two (22) years of service with Gloucester County, he is also seeking the Board’s consideration to amend County Code 22-20 to reflect State Code 59.1-148.3.  (Why is a county criminal even being mentioned here?)

Oh look.  The county is actually fixing one of it's really bad codes on it's own.  We are all very shocked.  They were selling guns for one dollar, but now are switching over to fair market value.  About time.  We had not found that one yet.  So tax payers have been financing guns to public citizens at tax payer expenses?  So how long has this gone on and how much has it cost the taxpayers of the county to date?  How many can local citizens buy for that $1.00 each before the amendment?

Read more below;

Dear Mrs. Garton,

I am writing to request an amendment to County Code 22-20 “Purchase of handgun by retired officers” which states that the Sheriff, with approval of the local governing body, may allow a retiring officer with at least twenty five years of service to purchase their department issued handgun for $1.00.

I was completely unaware of the county ordinance until I made a written request to you to sell a firearm to a retiring Auxiliary Deputy who has served Gloucester County in this capacity for over 15 years and that request was denied based on our county ordinance. VA State Code 59.1-148.3 G states that any sheriff or local police department, in accordance with written authorization or approval from the local governing body, may allow any auxiliary law-enforcement officer with more than 10 years of service to purchase the service handgun issued to him by the agency at a price that is equivalent to or less than the weapon's fair market value on the date of purchase by the officer.

I am surprised that Gloucester County established a County Ordinance to cover this topic when the State Code covers it with much greater detail. I would ask the Board of Supervisors to consider amending the County Code to mirror the State Code for these circumstances.

Thank you for your consideration!


Darrell W. Warren Jr.

Our notes:

Darrell Warren was surprised by this why?  Oh wait, that was a slam on Twitching Ted  Willymot now wasn't it?   You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can not fool all of the people all of the time.  This does nothing to stop our next upcoming ordinance violation report to everyone.  The county is loaded with them.

But we really have to be fair and seriously congratulate them on fixing one on their own without us having to point it out to them.  Job well done.  Keep going, only with a lot more and a lot faster.
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