Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plug & Play, Reisefieber - Latest EP Release Check it out

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The guitarist, Kuba Majsiej with Plug & Play took the time to let us know about the latest release from the band called Reisefieber.

 It's 4 more great songs from the band.  Sorry, they do not offer free downloads on these tracks, but you get to check out the latest from these guys and they produce some really good stuff, so it's worth checking out.  Here is a link to the CD offer if you are interested in the tracks and want to purchase them.

http://plugandplay.bandcamp.com/album/reisefieber  This will take you to the area where you can purchase the CD tracks.  We are always happy to work with any bands and help promote their works and get the sounds out to everyone.  Just contact us through this site and send us your information.  We prefer to work with bands that offer our readers free track downloads and those bands get our preferences.
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