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Why We Celebrate Columbus Day In America

English: First landing of Columbus on the shor...
English: First landing of Columbus on the shores of the New World, at San Salvador, W.I., Oct. 12th 1492. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why We Celebrate Columbus Day from Chuck Thompson

Why we celebrate Columbus Day In America.  Some updated speculations on Christopher Columbus places him as a member of one of the secret societies of the era and had access to secret maps showing the Americas.  There is no clear evidence of this and makes for an interesting story to say the least.  There does seem to be some other evidence that has arisen to give this theory credibility as there has been very old monuments found in various parts of the east coast that pre date the landing of Columbus and clearly not a product of native american Indians.

  The structures do not date as far back as the Vikings either allowing for a great deal of mystery that no records can be found of in Europe.  The structures matching certain European design elements but again, not traceable to any particular area of Europe.  You can find plenty of information on all of this either on YouTube where everything you see is real, or other various websites.  We saw this information on a fairly credible source, The History Channel.  Now how credible is the History channel?  That depends on their mood for any given program and or episode of any given series.  We do not give the channel very high marks on credibility so whatever it's worth.

  It just makes for something interesting to discuss and something to consider researching.  We just note it for it's interest value.  On a final note, if you do not understand religious history, you can not understand Columbus day.  Modern day portrayal of this man is mered in ignorance as the religious background has been stripped out of the real story and this man is unfairly blamed to what Spainiards did in the name of the Catholic Church based on their belief system.   But thanks to other ignorance in America there also exists the so called seperation of Church and State that has been incorrectly interpreted creating this other bastardisation of real history and knowledge.
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