Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gloucester, VA School Board Candidates Open Public Forum

Candidates for 2014 include from left to right, Andersen, Hook, Parker and Records.  Each are running for positions on the Gloucester county school board unopposed.  One thing we liked that Mr Andersen said was that even though he is running unopposed, a vote for him is still a vote of confidence in his abilities and he would greatly appreciate that.

  Ms Hook is a local attorney in the Gloucester area who showed she is very well versed in many areas of the school board's issues and able to articulate matters quite well.

  Ms Parker has been a concerned domestic engineer overseeing her families business with a passion to see that present and future education of the area's children are well represented.

  Mr Records is an engineer with a great deal of concern over local education and is seeking to fill a position on the school board.  We would like to see Mr Record get that opportunity.  

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