Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Page Middle School News, Gloucester, VA

What we report is the news you were never told and what Gloucester Officials do not want you to see.  Why?  Because it opens a lot of questions as to what is going on in the county and we keep showing how county officials like to waste your tax dollars and could care less about the people they were asked to represent.  It seems like it's a private country club for the privileged where the rules are made up as they go along as long as it serves their interests, but not yours.

Here is more of what they would rather you never see.

*In April 2010 RRMM was awarded a professional services contract to provide services for the potential of repurposing Page Middle School into a school administration and operations center.

*In April 2011 Page was damaged by a tornado.

*In June 2011 a request for professional services was publicized.

*In July 2011 eleven proposals for professional services were received.

*On August 9, 2011 five options for rebuilding Page were presented by RRMM.  Option 1 was recommended (build a 6 thru 9 middle school on TC Walker Road property, demo old page with the exception of the gym and auditorium and build a new school administration and operations center.

*On August 25, 2011 the school board voted to approve option 1.

*In January 2012 RRMM was awarded the professional services contract to provide services to review the potential of reconstructing Page.

*In June 2012 Page was completely torn down.
Three questions:

1.         Why was the County paying RRMM for services after April 2011 without competitive sealed bidding or competitive negotiations for the services?

2.         Who is going to reimburse Gloucester tax payers for the gym and auditorium (both real property) that were to remain, but were torn down?

3.         What was going to happen with Page students when the old Page school was repurposed?


RRMM Architects provided services under an ‘open-to-buy’ contract for professional consulting services that was awarded to seven (7) firms, of which RRMM Architects was one of the providers.  These contracts were awarded under a formal competitive negotiation process that was advertised on October 30, 2009.  RRMM was awarded their contract for these consulting services on April 21, 2010.  RRMM Architects assisted with the damage assessment following the tornado and also facilitated the community group that proposed long-term solutions for the loss of Page Middle School.
Prior to the tornado, Page Middle School was considered as a possible location for centralized administrative services, but only after a new middle school was to be built in accordance with the School Board’s Capital Improvements Plan.
Have a good weekend.
Ben Kiser

Now has anyone noticed that even though there was a response to the questions asked, the questions were never answered?  Never. The response did not touch any part of the questions.  You do this when you have issues to hide.  It's a very old game.  Now The Kiser is supposed to be an educated man with a Doctorates degree.  We find it very difficult to believe that he does not understand the questions.  For him to even state he did not understand the questions would prove to be very disturbing as he is in charge of the education of the county's children.  Intel coming in is getting more disturbing by the day.

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