Friday, October 18, 2013

Gloucester, VA Mid Penn Vote, BoS Candidates Video

October Mid Pen Vote for Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors seats.  This forum was held Sunday October 13th, 2013 at the meeting room in the Gloucester Courthouse library and started at 3:00 PM.  It ran for about one hour and 20 minutes.  Below is a YouTube video that is more of an audio with a few pictures from this event.  Not everyone could get to this and not everyone was off to come to this forum.  Now is your chance to hear the issues before the candidates and make your own selection based on what you hear and other information you have already gathered.

As soon as we get a chance, we will also be putting up the audio from the school board forum that took place at 2:00 PM this same day.  Make sure to turn off the audio from the radio station playing below.  It's on the right hand side panel and is Xtra 99 FM, the local radio station.  A stop button will pop up when you mouse over the name of the station.
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