Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battle of the Hook Pre Show, Liberty's Kids 34, Deborah Samson

Battle of the Hook Pre Show.  Liberty's Kids episode number 34, Deborah Samson Soldier of the Revolution.  We are now only days away from the event of the Battle of the Hook.  If you are new to the site, the Battle of the Hook is an event that occurred just before the siege of Yorktown where America won the biggest battle against the British effectively winning the war for American Independence.  In essence, the Battle of the Hook was a part of the siege of Yorktown and it is also the location of the final surrender of Cornwallis troops to American and French soldiers.

  All of this happened in Gloucester, Virginia which is just across the river form Yorktown, Virginia.  The Battle of the Hook event is this coming weekend.  Below are directions to Gloucester from major points around the state.

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