Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All I want for Christmas

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

The Virginia Constitution was written for us to limit the government intrusion into our lives.  Have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?  How about the Constitution of Virginia?

All I want for Christmas "The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.
1.       A constitutional local government
2.      A fiscal responsible county government
3.      A moral county government
4.      A local government that listens to the people
5.      An ethical county government

As I look back over this past year there have been a number of things we have pointed out that need to be examined by outside organizations to ensure they are legal.  Based on Mr Thompson’s blogs and what is required to get state level investigation started.  The Attorney General office will investigate if requested by elected officials, Board of Supervisors, Treasurer, Sheriff, Commonwealth Attorney, and some non elected officials County Attorney, and Judges. None of these people have requested outside investigation so one has to wonder about the honesty and integrity of our officials.  Are any of them honest?  Do they have the ethical moral fortitude to be in these positions?  We have to wonder.  The County Attorney and Administrator have done nothing to show they understand the definition of any of the things asked for, above, for Christmas.
Bring back the rule of legal laws and make this "The Land of the Life Worth Living" for everyone in the county.

I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.  Our founding fathers used common sense and Christian scripture when establishing our founding documents. 

“For the Common Good. “

Alexander James Jay

P.S.  "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt." --Thomas Jefferson

"A sacred respect for the constitutional law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government." --Alexander Hamilton, 1794
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