Friday, December 20, 2013

Band Aid - Let Them Know It's Christmas Time, Video

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From 1984.  Serious flash back.  It's a great song so we went out and looked up the video.  Found it on numerous sites but pulled it in from YouTube.  Other sites had long ads attached to the video and it was the same video, so YouTube won the porting game.  The song was created back in 1984 to raise money to feed the hungry.  One has to wonder if sales of the song still continue and if so, where that money is going.  Are sales still supporting that cause or is the song now being milked for profits only?  We went out to find more information on this.  It turns out that the folks behind the song caved to pressure from various avenues insinuating that the lyrics of the song were highly misleading and that a remake of the song in 2004 was probably the last version.

  Many in the pop music culture thought the song was pretty bad considering the talent that went into the entire production.  We don't care, we like the song and here it is.  The lyrics do have issues, but we are not discounting what they tried to do for those in need.

Above is an interesting link if you like this song.  Enough said about it.
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