Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on Retirement of United States Representative Frank Wolf

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English: Official Congressional portrait of Congressman Frank Wolf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
LYNCHBURG - Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement this afternoon following the news that United States Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va) will not seek re-election in 2014.

“Frank Wolf is a Virginia institution. As the longest serving member of our congressional delegation, he possesses a knowledge of the Commonwealth that few can match. As a person, he possesses the kind-of compassion, empathy and understanding that we all only hope to emulate. There is a reason Frank has served so long, and why his retirement is being met with so many expressions of admiration and respect: he has earned it. Frank is a Republican, and he believes deeply in his principles. But he has always been a Virginian first. He has sought out common ground, he has worked across the aisle, he has represented the people of this Commonwealth with distinction and with grace. His public service has never stopped, however, at the Potomac River, or the Atlantic Ocean. Frank is perhaps best known for his human rights work, whether it be standing for peace in the Sudan, or fighting for justice for the victims of human trafficking.

“Finally, I have to say on a personal level, how much I have benefited from the counsel and insights of Frank Wolf. He has never hesitated to help me, first as attorney general and now as governor, better understand the issues facing the 10th District, or any part of Virginia. He has been a constant source of information and ideas. We need a lot more Frank Wolf’s serving in Congress. Today, on behalf of a grateful Commonwealth, I thank Frank for his tireless service to our state and nation. Frank Wolf has a servant’s heart.”
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