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Thursday, February 5, 2015

You Do Not Need A Driver's License For The Average Man or Woman

Here is yet another must watch video, showing that the average man or woman, does not need to have or posses a driver's license to travel down the road or highway.  That means when you get a ticket, they are robbing you at gunpoint.  That also means that the judges are also robbing you at gunpoint.  You need to be armed with the knowledge on how to stop these criminals from infringing on your rights.

  If you do not exercise your rights, then you have none.  So you must know and exercise them in order to actually have them.  Watch this video and understand it to the fullest.  Research the information.  We have been researching this for some time and now we are sharing as much as we can to help you protect yourself.

  This video shows you a number of illegal statutes that are in the what are called law books?  So called laws that you may be violating?  Codes, statutes and or ordinances are strictly the color of law and not actual law.  But they rob you with very nasty tricks they created for you to purposely not understand.  This is by design.

  Now the word is getting out.  You can legally ignore these statutes, codes and or ordinances with impunity according to the laws of the united states Constitution of America.  We will cover that in the future.  The criminals are wearing uniforms and or robs or suits.  They claim to be upholding the law, yet they violate it at every level.  And they wonder why we no longer trust any of them?  Really?

  Let's be fair.  There are some very decent people locked into this criminal system being used against us.  They are being forced to do their jobs in order to keep food on their own tables and roofs over their heads and their families.  They know what they are doing is wrong and try to do what they can to protect people.  But there are others who only view you as chattle and they want to take everything they can from you.

  If you are facing a traffic ticket and think you cannot defend yourself, you must realize that you can.  Everything you need is right here.  If you are saying to yourself that someone should do something about all of this, then why not be that somebody?  You be the somebody to do something about it.  We are fighting this everyday.  We can't be the only ones doing so.  The more people who fight these folks, the better we will all be.  We are all fighting for our rights.  If we do not stand up for our rights, then we have none.  You surrender them by your own inaction.  That means you can only blame yourself for the loss of your rights.

  Are you willing to keep paying these folks for crimes you have not committed but they have?  They are committing the crimes against you and you are letting them?  You deserve no rights if that is the case.

This of course is not legal advice.  If you want legal advice, you must contact a British Bar attorney who unlawfully practices a franchise within the borders of the united states of America against the laws of the united states Constitution and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  You are then free to pay them for advice that will not work in your favor for the most part.  You are then free to have that attorney cut some form of deal on your behalf that will not help you in most cases.  But at least you think you have gotten the best deal you could get.  Good luck with that.

Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Beg for Money From Your Local Government

In the above Gloucester County section of this video, you get to see how to properly beg for money from the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors.  You send up a pretty woman with that Barby Doll look and you smoke screen the folks with bizarre concepts such as having provided an incredible gift somehow bestowed on the county, such as the space that the county rents from you for one of the public libraries in the area.  (Yes, this is what the folks at the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust tell us, the space that the county rents from them was a gift to the county.)

  A gift to the county that we must pay for.  If it were not for government rents at their shopping center, the place would crumble to nothing and these folks have the audacity to tell us they gave us a gift?  But the entire Board of Supervisors buy into this little game anyway.  How foolish they are.  You have to watch the clip to the end and watch the hilarity of two of the board member speaking or should we say, attempting to speak to the issue of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust, begging for taxpayer money.

  Robert, JJ, Orth starts to speak, but is being, what appears, as less than honest.  Listen to his voice.  The lips can lie, but the body cannot.  Mr Orth is stumbling with his words and using um and uh sounds and sounds very dry.  These are key features that would highly suggest that he is being less than honest.

  Next we have John Meyer who has different tells.  He also seems to be less than honest and forthright.  His hand moves towards his mouth as though to say he should not be saying what he is saying.  We agree with that gesture when looking at it all in these terms.

  Now if you will also note, the board never votes to fund the project the Gloucester Main Street Preservation People begged for.  Instead, the board just agrees to give them their begged for plea.  The local paper did such a nice cover up story on all of this.  Why didn't they vote?  Because of the potential for a conflict of interest.  The new chair, Ashley Chriscoe is on the Board of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and it would be a very clear conflict of interest for him to vote on this matter.  Why didn't he just excuse himself and let the others vote?  Because each one of them could, by reason, of a new election that happened latter that evening, become the next person on the Board for the GMSPT, creating yet another conflict of interest.

  So did this prevent the conflict of interest from occurring?  No.  They all agreed to fund it anyway.  They just did not vote on it.  That is why the uncomfortable little dance.  By the way, giving away money like that is a violation of Constitutional laws.  Thanks.  Each of you took an oath to uphold the US and Commonwealth of Virginia Constitutions and each of you have violated that oath over and over and over again.  And they wonder why people hate the county government so much?  Really?

  Wait until you see some of the other crap these folks pulled in this one meeting.  More to come.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Gloucester, VA What The Daily Press Didn't Tell You, July, 2014

The Daily Press newspaper had an article shown above in the Sunday, July 6th, 2014 edition.  In that article a mother daughter family was brought up along with animals they once owned.  The Daily Press only gave you a part of that story and we contacted them with more information and yet they decided it was not in your best interest to ever hear the rest of the story.  The Mother Daughter team are the LaFrance's.  We covered the story from the very beginning here on this site, however we did not use their name during that time.  That nightmare began over a year and a half ago just days before Thanksgiving.  Gloucester Animal Control charged the family with Failure To Perform Duties of Ownership on 26 different charges.  Problem with that is that the title of the law was in violation with state code and hence not at all valid.  But that did not stop the county attorney from continuing to prosecute them under this disgraceful ordinance.

  The charges were dropped way down later in court, but in the mean time it forced very harsh and undue consequences on the LeFrance's and there is some serious questions as to harassment from Animal Control officers in regards to the LeFrance family.  We have a statement that was offered to the Daily Press and they did not want to even hear it and never covered the invalid charges from Animal Control that we showed them.  The statement is as follows:

"Mathews County knew about the exotic animals in question with the above article as we applied for and were given a Mathews County business license.  To get this license we had to disclose that we were running an exotic animal education business and what animals were involved.  The business had both a USDA and Virginia Fish and Wildlife permits which meant regular inspections for quality care and animal health.  The business had a great reputation and performed programs in schools, nursing homes, churches and private programs in five counties.  We used small and gentle exotics of all species including gentle reptiles and everything was well received everywhere we went."

  Animal Control of Gloucester came in and inspected the  LeFrance's animals while the LeFrance's were in the process of moving out of one place and preparing to move to another.  Literally packing up a truck when Animal Control came onto the property.  Also, the circumstances behind the horses being taken while the LeFrance's were in Mathews County are also very highly suspect as to what happened there.

If the local papers are not willing to tell you the entire story, then we will.  And we are going to start doing so on a regular basis.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Gloucester Virginia Crime Reports; Sheriff's Reports

In the 15100 block of George Washington Memorial Highway

A single-vehicle accident on Aug. 4 resulted in the issuance of two summons to Nicholas Fleming Clay, 19, of Clarksville, Md., for underage possession of alcohol and reckless driving.

In the 14700 block of George Washington Memorial Highway

A resident reported a breaking and entering on Aug. 4 between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. There were no signs of forced entry and no items were reported as stolen or damaged. Entry was made through an unlocked door.

In the 3300 block of Woodside Street

A Hayes resident reported on Aug. 4 damaged property that occurred sometime over the past day. The victim reported that sugar was put into the gas tank of his vehicle.

In the 3000 block of Ross Drive

Deputies arrested on Aug. 4 Ronald Wayne Lynch, 51, of Ross Drive in Gloucester, on a charge of public intoxication in the area of Abingdon Mobile Home Park.

In the 6800 block of Waltons Lane

Deputies were called on Aug. 6 to a shoplifting at Walmart. A man and woman were observed by a loss-prevention employee removing clothing items valued at less than $200 and concealing the items in the woman's purse before passing all points of sale. The man and woman were located near the scene and additional items stolen from Ollie's with a value less than $200 were discovered. The property was returned and summons for petit larceny were issued to Darrell Wayne Taylor, 27, of Freewelcome Lane in Gloucester and Kathryn Casey Lerma, 21, of New Point Comfort Road in Port Haywood.

In the 6100 block of Shady Lane

A resident reported on Aug. 6 the larceny from a truck parked at a residence that occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. A man was observed removing tool items with a value less than $200 from the bed of a pickup and leaving. A summons was issued to William Colby Jackson, 19, of Shady Lane in Gloucester.

In the 7600 block of Foster Road

A resident reported the larceny from a garage that occurred sometime since July 28 when the home owner was out of the area. A Cub Cadet lawn mower, trimmer and Yamaha four-wheeler were taken with a value exceeding $200. There were no signs of forced entry.

In the 6800 block of Waltons Lane

A shoplifting was reported Aug. 7 at Walmart when an employee saw a woman placing craft and cosmetic items inside here purse and passing all points of sale. The items, valued at less than $200, were recovered and returned. A summons for petit larceny was issued to Tianna Jean Marble, 26, of Lord Carrington Drive in Gloucester.

In the 7300 block of John Clayton Memorial Highway

A two-vehicle accident on Aug. 3 at 5:54 p.m. resulted in the arrest of Joshua Lee Davidson, 32, of Grove Court in Gloucester, on charges of driving while intoxicated, first offense, possession of schedule I & II controlled substances, possession of marijuana, first offense, and possession of a schedule IV controlled substance.

In the 4200 block of Hickory Fork Road

A resident reported on Aug. 3 the larceny from a residence that occurred at approximately the beginning of July. There were no signs of forced entry. A range finder and knife set were reported as stolen with a value exceeding $200. It's unknown why there was a delay in reporting the larceny.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Virginia State Police Wanted List

Wanted Persons
Anyone having information concerning any wanted individual, or any law enforcement agency requesting assistance in locating a wanted subject, is urged to call the Virginia State Police (VSP) at the following division offices:
Administrative HQ in Richmond 804-674-2000
Richmond 800-552-9965
Culpeper 800-572-2260
Appomattox 800-552-0962
Wytheville 800-542-8716
Chesapeake 800-582-8350
Salem 800-542-5959
Fairfax 800-572-4510


Wanted Suspect
(June 2012 FBI Revised Sketch)
***Fairfax City Wanted Poster***
VSP News Release


LEADING TO ARREST (click for details) 
Wanted Flyer in .PDF format
Gustav John Schilling
Gustav John Schilling
Christopher Kenneth Adams
Photo of Christopher Kenneth Adams
Felony Failure to Appear
Original Charges: Sex Offenses
Involving Children
Graphic:  Wanted for Attempted Sexual Assault and Abduction
Wanted for Attempted
Sexual Assault and Abduction
Trooper Johnny Rush Bowman

Trooper Johnny Bowman

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Shadow in "The Shadow Strikes", Classic Movie

The Shadow in, "The Shadow Strikes", classic movie for Sunday.  Old time radio, golden age comic and classic movie.  Shows you how popular some characters were back in the day.  About the only thing we have not posted is one of the Pulp fiction stories of the Shadow.  We can save that for a future date however.  If you are a fan of the Shadow, then this is a blast from the past for you.  

  What is a lot of fun to watch is the cars, the clothing, the furniture and the architecture.  It's amazing to see what life used to look like compared to today.  It does not look like we have moved forward in many areas, but that is yet another article to be considered for the near future.
English: Media Player Classic MPC With Shadow ...
English: Media Player Classic MPC With Shadow No Numbers Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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The Shadow - Sunday Comics

The Shadow comic from Chuck Thompson

From the Golden Age of comics comes this story of crime and suspense.  The Shadow.  This story goes along with our previous old time radio shows of the Shadow just below.  Every Sunday we post comics and Sunday funnies.  This week we are covering an old and vastly successful character of the past.  Who know's what evil lurk's in men's hearts?  The Shadow knows.

  You can download a free copy of the e-comic form our SlideShare site.  You will have to sign in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account though.  Check back to see what kind of exciting comics we bring you next Sunday.  Stay tuned daily for more incredible content.  GVLN, simply amazing.
DC Comics' The Shadow #1 (Nov. 1973). Cover ar...
DC Comics' The Shadow #1 (Nov. 1973). Cover art by Michael Kaluta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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