Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Multitude of Recipes For Your Consideration

English: Asinan Betawi Jalan Kamboja, one of t...
English: Asinan Betawi Jalan Kamboja, one of the famous Asinan in Jakarta. Asinan (lit: salted things) is some kind of vegetable salads. Betawi variant uses spicy peanut sauce and employ vegetables, peanuts, and kerupuk crackers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We decided to see what kind of fun recipes were out there in other areas and found this little gem that we have brought here for your consideration.  There are a nice selection of choices here for you to create something amazing and in a short amount of time.  The falafel looks great, Indonesian beef satay with peanut sauce looks to die for, and the grape caterpillars looks like a fun treat to serve at the next party.

Recipes from Children and Media Class

Check these recipes out and try something new and different to create a wonderful day.
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