Sunday, September 8, 2013

Inside Look At The Masonic Order


Fourteen years ago the writer of this volume entered the temple of Freemasonry, and that date stands out in memory as one of the most significant days in his life. There was a little spread on the night of his raising, and, as is the custom, the candidate was asked to give his impressions of the Order. Among other things, he made request to know if there was any little book which would tell a young man the things he would most like to know about Masonry—what it was, whence it came, what it teaches, and what it is trying to do in the world? No one knew of such a book at that time, nor has any been found to meet a need which many must have felt before and since. By an odd coincidence, it has fallen to the lot of the author to write the little book for which he made request fourteen years ago.

This bit of reminiscence explains the purpose of the present volume, and every book must be judged by its spirit and purpose, not less than by its style and contents. Written as a commission from the Grand Lodge of Iowa, and approved by that Grand body, a copy of this book is to be presented to every [viii]man upon whom the degree of Master Mason is conferred within this Grand Jurisdiction. Naturally this intention has determined the method and arrangement of the book, as well as the matter it contains; its aim being to tell a young man entering the order the antecedents of Masonry, its development, its philosophy, its mission, and its ideal. Keeping this purpose always in mind, the effort has been to prepare a brief, simple, and vivid account of the origin, growth, and teaching of the Order, so written as to provoke a deeper interest in and a more earnest study of its story and its service to mankind.

Read the book below for the rest of this story.

The Builders - Inside The Masonic Order from Chuck Thompson

The book is available for free download on our Slideshare site.  You will have to log in with either a Facebook account or a LinkedIn account or you can set up a free slideshare account for the free download.  To read online and in full screen mode, please left click the icon on the far bottom right hand side of the Slideshare container.  To exit full screen mode, hit the escape key on your keyboard.  This is the first book in our series on Freemasonry.  We will be taking deeper looks into this secret order and let you determine your own opinions on what you read.  The above book is 174 pages total.
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