Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gloucester, VA County Employees Continuing Abuses - Readers Respond

Reader Comment Left On Abuses Continue Post:

"Oh and this is just the tip of the ice berg. Watch them as they all drive "slowly" back to the office at lunch time to take their "full" lunch break then return to where it is they are working.

Has anyone been watching grounds?There's a guy that drives around in a huge gas guzzler truck. Why?"

Our Comments;  Gas guzzler truck, why does a county employee drive around in one of those?  Simple, it's not their money they are wasting, it's ours.  So who cares?  We all should.  Get pictures and share them with us.  The only way to stop these abuses is to show them.  It's our money, not theirs.  It's our duty to catch them and have this nonsense stopped.  County officials are out of control at every level and they need to be held accountable.  Go to our contact us section,  There you can send emails to us with those pictures.  Together we can make a difference.  We need everyone's help to stop the pure waste of our money and the continuing tramping on of our rights and freedoms.  These are the same people who have no concern about violating their own ordinances.  They are criminals with no regard for the law, in our view, unless it violates your rights and your pocket.  You can't afford to drive a gas guzzler because you have to pay for them to do it for you instead.

Thank you for the comment.
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