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The Terry McAuliffe Email Rants

Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
McAuliffe speaking at Frying Pan Park in Hernd...
McAuliffe speaking at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I wanted to make sure you saw James Carville's note — the RGA just poured another million into my opponent's campaign, and Jeb Bush and Rand Paul are on their way to help him raise hundreds of thousands more to attack me on TV.

Last year's elections proved that grassroots campaigns like ours can out-raise, out-organize, and beat these guys. But that only works with your support.

I'm just $4,873 from hitting our $25,000 emergency response goal by midnight. Please chip in right now to make sure I have the resources I need to fight back:

Thanks for everything,


The same national organization that's already spent more than $5 million attacking Terry McAuliffe just gave Ken Cuccinelli's campaign another million dollars!

Math's not my strong suit, but that means they've spent a total of $6.8 million so far — almost approaching a dollar per Virginian.

That much money will make a real difference for the Cuccinelli campaign. It could pay for direct mail to thousands of voters, go towards blanketing the state in radio ads, or (and this is most likely) buy a whole lot of attack ads on TV across the Commonwealth.

If Terry is going to keep up, he needs our help. When I heard about the donation, I knew I had to do everything I could — and that I had to check in with you to see if you'd join me.

Will you donate $5 right now to help Terry? His team needs to raise $25,000 by midnight tonight to counter these damaging RGA-funded attacks.

Terry is the only person that can stop Ken Cuccinelli's extreme right-wing agenda from becoming a very scary reality for Virginia and national Republicans know it.

News just broke that Jeb Bush is coming to town to raise money for Cuccinelli's campaign. And that's on top of the fundraising trips already planned by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio!

There aren't a lot of competitive races this year, so Republicans — who want a big win to build momentum for next year's elections — know electing Tea Party darling Ken Cuccinelli is their best shot.

They're all in. And they'll come out on top if we're not all in for Terry McAuliffe, too.

Chip in $5 right now to make sure Terry hits his fundraising goal before midnight.

I can't emphasize enough that this is a critical moment for you to support Terry. We need to stop Jeb Bush and his friends from pushing Cuccinelli into the lead right now — it'll be much harder to fight our way back from behind.

We're all counting on you,

James Carville

Everyday we keep getting messages from the McAuliffe campaign asking for money money money and lots more money and a lot of finger pointing.  Here is what we would like to see each of these campaigners do.  Pick five things they like about their opponent and discuss those issues with the public.  

If each says the other is a criminal, have full investigations done and throw the other in jail.  We do not need a criminal in the governor's office.  Also, what is the problem with Jeb Bush and Rand Paul coming to help Cuccinelli?  McAuliffe just had Bill Clinton sending emails on his behalf.  Finger pointing?  Throwing stones in a glass house are we?

  We are all tired of party politics.  Stop it.  Tell us what you are going to do for us and how you are going to protect the interests of the commonwealth.  Complaining about the other guy only sours us on each of you.  We do not care if you are a republican or a democrat or a libertarian, we care what you plan to do and how you plan to get there.  If this is how either of you are going to run your office, go somewhere else.   

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