Saturday, September 14, 2013

Assisting The Virginia Governors Race - McAuliffe and Cuccinelli

One thing we know, the two candidates for governor want a very nasty contest.  They are smearing each other to no end.  I say we all help them out and make it as nasty as it can ever get.  Let's say we smear them both so bad that they never want to show their faces in Virginia again.  However, the one left standing gets to be governor if they can take the heat.

Former Global Crossing employees say they weren't told their comments would be used in the Virginia Republican's latest hit on Dem Terry McAuliffe. Read the full story here: Mother Jones put up this information. A spin palace concern.

How much garbage did they want to bring out on each other? Are either of these candidate gay? Did they have a secret relationship that ended badly and now they are hen pecking each other to death? If we are forced to watch and listen to all this crap, the least we can all do is give it back to them to see how it all feels for us to have to put up with it. So now we are dedicating a post each day to help them smear each other until they can no longer stand.  Tell both Ken Cuccineli and Terry McAuliffe to stop the smear campaigns.  We Virginians expect and demand better than this.
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