Friday, March 7, 2014

Over Medication Effects Our Society As A Whole

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Alex and Dr Group break down the true medical facts of fluoride, medications and the long term effects of these factor on our society as a whole with emphasis on children and babies. The conversation also turns to natural solutions for popular psychiatric medicines.

Our Notes:  Though we are not at all fans of Alex Jones, there are times when some issues are raised that have valuable information that comes through.  The first part of the video is mostly correct though we saw some flaws in the information.  Towards the end it's nothing more than a sales pitch designed to look like news, but again does have some value.  We would not recommend buying anything from these folks. We do not see the value in their products as opposed to what you can get in a credible health food store faster and cheaper.

  Some issues in the above video, Alex Jones goes on to state that you can not find chips without MSG.  Yes you can.  Unflavored.  Flavored does contain MSG however.  Find gum without artificial sweeteners?  It's nearly impossible, but bubble gum from some of the old school manufacturers is still available.  Otherwise, gum and mints with little exception contain what some refer to as addictive poisons such as aspartame and we do not disagree with their findings.  Here is the Wiki page on Lithium Orotate.  Very interesting information here.  We read it in full and recommend you do so as well.  We looked up suppliers and found many.  You can buy Lithium Orotate at very reasonable prices over the counter in the US for now.  It might be worth a shot if you think you or someone you know suffers from various symptoms as mentioned in either the video or article on Wiki.  We are not advising one supplier over another.  We are also not doctors and can not diagnose medical issues.  

  For residents of Gloucester, Virginia, we have checked the local water supply with county officials and the water supply in this area is not fluoridated.  So that is not a county issue for us at this time.  
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