Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gloucester, VA Storage Container Use Ordinances

Gloucester, VA Zoning Codes For Containers, 2014 from Chuck Thompson

Above are the present ordinances for the use of storage containers in Gloucester County and the proposed new ordinances for the use of storage containers.  Below is a series of pictures that show a complete lack of anyone following present use ordinances or proposed new ordinance guidelines.  So what is the sense of even bringing it up?

As seen right on route 17 south, Gloucester.  Hayes area.  Not one, but two.

Two storage containers right there in plain view on route 17 South in front of a vacant business.  Vacant.  Where is the compliance?  Where are the required permits?  These have been here for over one month.

Wait, there is more.

Two more storage containers in plain view from two roads, one of which is route 17.  These are located on the grounds of the Salvation Army.  We are not picking on any business for this report.  We are showing that there is no enforcement of present ordinances, and that these containers would still be in violation of any changes to the present ordinances.

The above two pictures are showing yet another container located on the property of Franktronics.  Visible from two roads including route 17.  Again, this is not to pick on any business.  But it becomes a fair point to ask, are a few exempt from the laws of the many?  Is this sound business?  What messages are you giving to potential new businesses that are looking at Gloucester as a potential area to expand into?  They can but you can't?  Laws only apply to those we choose to make them apply to?  The land of the chosen few?

  And what messages are you delivering to present business owners in the area?  Again it becomes the same mantra.  The land of the chosen few?  Ask not what Gloucester can do for you.  Ask what Gloucester may do to you?
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