Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gloucester, VA Courthouse Library, Proposed Changes To Save Money

In an effort to help save money in the county, a few concerned citizens sat down and started looking at areas where there may be savings to be had by the county by consolidating services.  One of the first areas recognized by the small citizens groups was the Gloucester County Courthouse Library location.  

  The question that came up is why are we paying rent in this space at this time?  We now have the TC Walker school up and running with a tremendous amount of space wide open for use by the county.  Why not move the Courthouse Library branch to the new TC Walker school administration building?  Can anyone think of a better location?  The mix would seem perfect.  Since the taxpayers are already paying for all the extra unused space at the newly remodeled TC Walker school, why not move the library into that unused space?  The savings would be tremendous.  

  Isn't it time to start thinking smarter, consolidating resources, increasing services while decreasing expenses, expanding knowledge in a creative center and stop the divisions of the people and our resources?  With county services now moving more and more to the TC Walker area, it just makes sense to stop paying rent on a building the county does not own and utilize the space where taxpayer dollars are already being spent and cut those costs.  There is no reason to maintain the present location of the Courthouse library in the courthouse area any longer.

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