Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisor's Meeting Video, March 2014

Gloucester, VA FY15 County Administrator's Proposed Budget from Chuck Thompson

Notes from Mr Howard Mowery as presented in the above video, during the Gloucester Board of Supervisor's meeting.

1.   Everybody is waiting with baited breath tonight for the new fiscal budget presentation. As in, the past government has lost itself in the process of new initiatives (that reduce costs) and accomplishes those innovations that pare down the size of government.

As the current Board said in January NO Tax Increases, the first part of NONE is NO. Line 2 of the budget presentation say “quote, if items and / or initiatives are added to my proposed budget to such an extent that it would require a tax rate higher than advertised, we will have a problem. Legally, we will need to re-advertise the higher rate and conduct another public hearing, which just will not be possible given our tight time line. Unquote”

Suggesting a 3-cent Real Property and 30-cent personal Property tax increase is out of the question. It is management’s responsibility to shave, re-align, eliminate, or cut all redundant or duplicated efforts to reduce government costs.

Even if necessary by reducing the hourly workweek, but not affecting Public Safety or necessary services required by law. There is not government process administratively that cannot be delayed for a few hours or days that will upset the average conservative taxpayer. There are exceptions that are on specific time and contract schedules that can be resolved especially by incorporating more effective software programs were input can be evaluated electronically and be people reviewed.

I look forward to hear this presentation to see where new cost effective initiatives are being imported.  The need for a tax increase and a public hearing for that purpose is not necessary due to our strained economic conditions and a future at the national level that may have severe impacts on the local populations as the government attempts to reduce our readiness to maintain the republic, which in turn influences the local economies of the region.

I thank you for the time.

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