Monday, March 3, 2014

Gloucester, VA County Employees At Hardees During Working Hours?

Today, Monday March 3rd, 2014.  Gloucester schools closed do to winter storm.  County employees are also given the day off.  Gloucester County school maintenance employees show up at Hardees for breakfast.

Only minutes later, another couple of Gloucester County employees show up at Hardees for breakfast.  On a day off, as winter weather is getting ready to break, driving a county vehicle and using it for personal use, increasing liability risks for everyone.

  You would think that after all of the posts we have shown of constant ongoing violations that all of this would stop.  Just because we have not shown any for the past 5 weeks does not mean we have not been catching these employees all over the place.  We have plenty of pictures where this just goes on and on and on.  With the budget for the county now coming up, you have to ask why we are paying so much.  Well, let's look at all the waste.

(Hand over face shaking head).  We still have more.  This is just embarrassing.   A lot of these folks are from the public schools.  They also want more money.  The same people who are now rumored to having their own kitchen at the TC Walker school where the staff there gets their lunches at a price of less than $2,50 per meal.  Is that subsidized by we the taxpayers?  And who is making this food?  And this building is locked from public entrance?  And these folks who are going to locations that have nothing to do with the business they need to conduct, using county vehicles for personal use, that have the ability to make meals at the TC Walker location, at taxpayer expense.........

  Ugh!  The land of the chosen few.
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