Friday, March 7, 2014

Save Edge Hill Service Station? Gloucester, VA, More Information

We have continued to dig up information on this site and oh what we have found.  In a past article we pointed out that we had heard that this property had sold for over four hundred thousand dollars.  That did not make sense since the building on the county tax map shows it's value to include it's present value at under one hundred thousand dollars.  Well it turns out that this property is a combination of 3 lots.  The car wash is part of that ownership and where the real price came into play.

  So Fairfield owns a for profit business.  Now from everything we have been able to see so far, even though Fairfield owns the car wash, it looks like they may have subleased the business out to someone else.  It's interesting that you have never read this in the local news anywhere.  But here are the backup facts straight from the county.

Fairfield Edgehill Texaco Station Info, Gloucester, VA from Chuck Thompson

If the information proves tough to read, you can blow the above into full screen mode.

Why this property was divided up the way it was does not make sense.  At least the sale price of the property now makes more sense.  But wait, it gets even more interesting.  Gloucester County officials, after Fairfield bought this property, submitted this property to VDOT for a special preservation grant.  Why did the county do this for Fairfield?  Not only that, but the grant was approved.  Don't take our word for it, we got the evidence straight from VDOT themselves.  A copy of the email is below.

Our records indicate that an award was made to Gloucester County for this project in June, 2012 in the amount of $384,000.  Realize however that this is a reimbursable program and no funds are awarded up-front.  Funds must be expended and then a request made for reimbursement.  For further details regarding the Transportation Enhancement – now the Transportation Alternatives – Program and past allocations, please see our website .
Thank you,
Pam Liston

Wow, all Fairfield has to do now is sucker people in to produce the matching funds and they have a windfall business free and clear.  Why they are not using any of the profits from their car wash business is a question we have.

  There has been a lot of interest in keeping this corner tied up.  Now in all fairness it does have a viable but probably a very poorly performing business on this corner lot.  The service station itself, as we have shown has no real historical value.  So why is the corner lot of such great concern?  Oh, it's coming.  But not just yet.  We have a lot more.  Keep an eye on the areas we told you are eyed for future development.  Therein lies the master key in our opinion.  And does this have anything to do with the new Page Middle School?  Remember that question.  It may just have something to do with keeping traffic tied up on the 17/14 corner during rush hours and forcing new road construction through certain properties, located close to TC Walker school, who's ownership may prove revealing.  It's amazing how things start to tie together.
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