Monday, March 3, 2014

Gloucester, VA Container Use Ordinances and Codes Updated

17 Courthouse Area, Container in the back visible from the highway.  

Closer view of the container on the left back side.

Route 17 south, Ordinary.  Container to the left in back.  Visible from highway.

As the one directly above only more of a side view.

Route 17, south, Gloucester Point.  Container next to billboard.

Route 17 South.  Container barely, but, still visible from highway behind shop.

Route 17 South, Container sticks out just enough from side of building to be seen from highway.

Route 17 South.  One container stuck out from side of building just enough to be visible from highway.  When we went back behind area this is what we saw.  4 Containers.

Route 17 South.  S&B Muffler and Brakes.  To the right of the building behind little dumpster.  Very visible from highway.

Again, we are not picking on any business by any means.  The board of Supervisors are looking at ordinances that will affect the future use of containers on any property in the county.  At the moment, every single one of these businesses are in violation of county ordinances.  The county does not enforce these ordinances in any way unless of course, you are foolish enough to ask for the county's permission.  Best advice?  Do not ask for permission, just do it.   If you get questioned, refer them to this site.
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