Thursday, March 6, 2014

Who's Defending The Billionaire Brothers Buying Our Democracy?

English: Depiction of the House vote on H.R. 3...
English: Depiction of the House vote on H.R. 3590 (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) on March 21, 2010, by congressional district. Democratic yea Democratic nay Republican nay No representative seated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stepped up his war of rhetoric against conservative billionaires and liberal boogymen Koch brothers Tuesday, saying on the senate floor that his Republican colleagues were "addicted to Koch" Reid's play on words — Charles and David Koch share a homophonous name with a recreational drug — came less than a week after Reid called the brothers "un-American" for funding anti-Obamacare attack ads...* How did Fox News pundits and Republican politicians respond? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Our Notes:  We follow neither the left or the right.  We are not about Democrats or Republicans.  We do not see any political party in the USA viable anymore and the above is part of the reason why.  Both sides are corrupt and play a show for us all.  It's all fascism disguising itself as something other than what it really is from both sides.  Communism is the same.  Liberalism is little different these days.  There are no sound party politics anymore.  Both sides can be viewed as right and wrong.  Therefore, each side can always claim victory and be right, yet still be challenged as being wrong.  It's a game.  It's played very well.  Only issue is that "WE THE PEOPLE", are the ones who end up holding the bag and being blamed in THEIR game.  
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