Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Shadow in "The Shadow Strikes", Classic Movie

The Shadow in, "The Shadow Strikes", classic movie for Sunday.  Old time radio, golden age comic and classic movie.  Shows you how popular some characters were back in the day.  About the only thing we have not posted is one of the Pulp fiction stories of the Shadow.  We can save that for a future date however.  If you are a fan of the Shadow, then this is a blast from the past for you.  

  What is a lot of fun to watch is the cars, the clothing, the furniture and the architecture.  It's amazing to see what life used to look like compared to today.  It does not look like we have moved forward in many areas, but that is yet another article to be considered for the near future.
English: Media Player Classic MPC With Shadow ...
English: Media Player Classic MPC With Shadow No Numbers Icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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